The Modules

E-Paper is designed on a modular basis, its standard version, however, has already - apart from the web-features - a powerful archive (including pages and full navigation and article retail), a user data base (with connectivity to marketing systems), a session management and an administration of the pages about the personalised newspaper.

By the options of page printing and download for offline reading it complies with the IVW-criteria for the electronic publication of press products. The IVW has already included E-Paper in the circulation control.

1) Automatic transfer

E-Paper has direct access to the production data of the editing, advertising and planning systems. The data are automatically converted and presented on the internet like the printed newspaper.

2) Full interaction without additional adjustments

Internet addresses and eMail addresses are automatically activated during conversion. Moreover: Links to pages and articles are activated in a way surfers are accustomed to. Furthermore, all units can be attached to external links by entries in the advertising or editing system without interfering with the E-Paper process.

3) Archive

The E-Paper editions are stored and automatically indexed. A search function provides for a full text retrieval in all articles. The search can be filtered by date (from - to), by issue, by text and title and be sorted by time or priority.

4) Archive - not only for "customers"

The use of the archive most popular with E-Paper customers. The technology also allows to sell individual texts. And it provides for a high-level comfort of use in the interaction between search engine and full pages.

5) Favourites

Pages of an issue or pages of different issues can be put on the favourites menu for the fast access by the favourites function.

6) Administration and safety

E-Paper of RZ-Online includes its own user administration, which can be connected to marketing systems. In addition, safety modules prevent the misuse of the passwords.

7) Printouts and downloads

E-Paper obviously has the options to use editions offline or to print out pages.

8) E-Clipping

A comfortable clipping service for companies, administrations and clubs - the optimal service worth its money. You can store various search profiles here and send the search results to different eMail addresses.

The search is confined to the individually subscribed editions; the search results are reported by a hit list. Access to individual articles is again limited to subscribers.

Matching to this tool, the function "wie gedruckt" (as printed) has now been added to the article view of E-Paper, which displays the article including all blocked parts in the print format.


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